Marilina Fortuna

marillina_bioMarillina Fortuna lives and works between Milan and Vicenza. After having attended the Artistic High School in Verona receiving a degree in Semiology of Arts in Bologna (course DAMS degree), Marillina has always worked in the field of communication. She was chosen by MYOWNGALLERY of Milan to be part of the The International Environmental Festival in “Villaggio Sostenibile” (Sustainable Village), Piazza del Cannone, Milan, June 2008. She took part in “Fiera dell’Arte Accessibile” (Fair of Accessible Art), Geneva and Milan, 2008 and the collective exhibition “Sono da Buttare?”(Are they to be thrown away?), Olbia, Sardinia, June 2009. She also participated in the last two fair events regarding sustainability, “Fa la cosa giusta!” (Do the right thing), Milan and at the exibitition “Storie di cose sostenibili”(Stories of Sustainable Things) Macef, Milan, January 2012.She has exhibited in galleries and showrooms in Courmayer, Milan, Paris, San Pantaleo (Sardinia), Turin, Trieste. The work “Milano, vicina all’Europa” (Milan, near Europe), was exposed at the Triennale Café in Milan.

Personal exhibitions IN DIVENIRE Becoming (Genoa, March 14/31 2008) / MEDITERRANEO (Milan, November 12/22, 2009) / AQUAE (Milano, ConTemporaryArt, Milano, March 22/30, 2010) / VENEZIA, UN PESCE FUOR D’ACQUA? Venice, a fish out of Water? (Venice, September 11/29, 2010) / RESIDUI PRIMARI Primary Remains (Milan, Altavia-Artgallery, June 15/ October 20, 2011)/ LA MATERIA ILLUMINATA Illuminated Matter (Rome, Caffè Letterario, 7-11-2014/1-2015)

Group Exibitions Asolo Recycling Art Festival (Asolo, Treviso, 2009) / Pensieri di Colore e Materia Thoughts on colour and material (ATL!STUDIOS, Dolo, Venice, 2009) / Vitalità della material, Rifiuti in cerca d’autore The vitality of matter – Rejects in search of an author (Ferrara, Palazzina Marfisa, 2010)/ Ecopink (Milan, Spazio Asti 17, 2010) / Ciò che il mare riporta What the see brings back (Genoa, Artelier Gallery, Palazzo Ducale, 2010) /RICICLO’ shop (Macherio, Monza, Milan, 2011 e 2012) / 5 minuti di raccoglimento 5 minutes of Thought (Milan, Antico Oratorio di Sant’Ambrogio, 2011 and 2012) / “Visibili&Invisibili” Visable&Invisable (Milan, Spazio Asti 17, 2013) / L’arte del ‘900 tra generazioni e discipline diverse The Art of ‘900 between generations and diverse disciplines (Cuorgné, Turin, Palazzo Arduino, 2013) / Natura, donna, impresa, verso l’expo 2015 Nature, Woman, Manufacture (Milan, Spazio Asti 17, 2013, Palazzo Isimbardi 2014) / Step Art Fair (Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore, 2014)/ Natura, donna, impresa, verso l’expo 2015 Nature, Woman, Manufacture (Milan, Palazzo Isimbardi, 2015) / MAD (Milan, Nhow Hotel, may/october 2015), Hambient OGM (Turin, Galleria Spazio 100, October, 3/17, 2015)