International Environment Festival / Milan /2008

Objects man wear out and throw away in the sea, which are later regenerated by the sea thus given back, often end up on a shore, abandoned….until an artist come across them and give them a new life by turning them into flowers, fish and bodies. This is the concept of JUNK COLLECTION, junk which become works of art, thanks to assemblages made out of sea rejects, without taking away nor adding anything to what is found. The idea is Marillina Fortuna’s who has been chosen by MyOwnGallery for the International Environment Festival an initiative taken by the city of Milan, the Province of Milan and the Lombardia region awaiting Expo 2015 to promote scientific reflection and politics on urgent challenges regarding climate and environment, mobility, energy and the construction industry. Exhibition at Villaggio Sostenibile in Piazza del Cannone at Castello Sforzesco from the 5th tot eh 11th of June.


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