VIAVAI (IL BRUSIO DEL PAESAGGIO) opere di Marillina Fortuna /Junk Collection


At the restaurant ‘AL FRESCO ‘ (Milano, Via Savona 50), from September 20th 2016, Marillina Fortuna presents a series of works with a title dedicated to the space: VIAVAI (IL BRUSIO DEL PAESAGGIO. About 20 works which explore the themes of space, environment and nature, between the historical and unpublished: movement and uniqueness that surround us .

The art works of Marillina Fortuna are examples of a possible life created from thrown-away materials, then brought back to shores by the sea, that she collects, classifies and uses as they are, without removing nor adding anything more. 

Born from a research on ‘landscape’ ( by reading the works of Gilles Clément and essays on the evolutionary theory by Telmo Piovani) last period works refer to the original elements of earth, air, water, light. They are lands, islands, gardens, flowers, to read as glimpses, outcrops, memories: fancy but possible journeys.  Each fragment of a work evolves, settles into a preferred place. Rescued to a new destiny, it becomes the leading actor, “diversity that takes refuge” in a new reality, that heads towards an unknown fate. 

Whether flowers, gardens, fishes, or lands, all the works of Marillina Fortuna are  shapes created from other shapes, colors transmuted by other colors.  A horizon made of snapshots, which becomes a depository, a memory, an allusion and illusion, a dream: hope and beauty to be shared.


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