Abandonment turned into opportunity

Marillina Fortuna’s work  is made up simply assembling collected pieces of waste, come back from the sea.

Materials consumed and regenerated by the sea. Inside the exposition these waste turn into a journey opportunity. They increase the value of the used material: they are the remains of a past life, gathered, catalogued and used as they were found. Within the whole work, their composition becomes a metaphor for an ever-changing world which is conceived as an open garden, a vital meeting point.


Milano, vicina all’Europa, 2012 152×152

The plan of Milan is meant both as a topographic representation and as a biological element. In the latter sense, it seems projected towards the topics characterizing Expo 2015: the water of its Navigli, its trees, lawns, lands.

Il terzo paesaggio, 2010 82×82

A symbolic garden which rises from the ruins of a town, or a dream space where nature unveils, while it vigorously takes possession of its space. It is a quotation as well as a tribute to the work by the French landscapist Gilles Clément, who defines the Third landscape as the reverse side of the organized world, the shelter of diversities.

 Free Flying Flowers, 2011/2012



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