Isle of Marillina Fortuna


VENEZIA UN PESCE FUOR D'ACQUA (2010) 122X82Somewhere to hide.
A refuge where to seek comfort.
Refusal to get lost,
in complex horizons.
Fear to find oneself,
once again,
within the borders of the world.
Peace for the eye as well as for the heart.
Echoing silence of cicadas,
in a vibration blue fading,
IL SOGNO DI CENERENTOLA (2012) 52X52away on a golden meander.
A light noise.
Like oxygen to the mind.
Lightning from a clear-blue sky.
Spirit within the being.
A throbbing heart,
awaiting response.
Geography on the surface,
History in depth.

Isle (a female noun)

Marillina Fortuna

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