Material from a shipwreck of Patrizia Baldizzone



Assembling fragments of scrap material originated from a shipwreck. Reconstruct images, repropose sensations. Give back life and strength to motionless and inanimated material, but returned to the light of the wave, after the violent and overwhelming impact of the force of the sea. It’s the conscious game, played with sensitivity and imagination, of Marillina Fortuna’s art. It’s also a way to make a point, to get a message across. A message that, who operates in our society and believes in the force of commitment as well as in solidarity, can not miss. The Association Amici della vita has been active in Congo and Madagascar for years in realizing projects of solidarity with one single purpose: to give back some hope, a perspective to the people, above all to children, victims of poverty and injustice.

Like the pieces which the sea returns to us purified and given a new chance to give shape and substance to Marillina Fortuna’s work of art, so many gestures of solidarity, irrelevently, if so, isolated, together they can transform themselves, in their own way, in a work of art, giving back at least a smile. We know when we’re in good company! Those rejected pieces of wood, hurled back onto the shore, as a gesture of solidarity: both capable of giving a sign, giving back dignity and hope.

Patrizia Baldizzone
Member of the Association’s Board of Directors
“Amici della Vita-Onlus”


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