Aquae of Anti Pansera (2010)

aquae2010 (5)A job as a craftsman / artist to Marillina Fortuna , which “respects ” his ” findings ” merely cleanings are necessary in many cases , but then re- engaging in their redifferentiation , almost cataloging , box after box for colors and references formal : to create “others”, provided in any case recognizability and ” references ” to our memory . Marillina , who attends on the beaches , identifies / collects and takes possession of it “finds” of the everyday life that the sea continues to give back . That sea – as I have said on another occasion and just to “tell” his work – that Baudelaire said , “the man always love him, and prefer ” to every other phenomenon of Nature Sea water acquae or , in the Latin , to go back , even in the naming of this review , the past is a theme of today and especially tomorrow. A theme declined with the wise accrocage , this time , of objects / pieces of found objects and edited / polished / transfigured by the timely work and relentless waves , the surf , sand and wind. Creative reuse but also ” respectful ” put them back on stage to allow them to tell new stories suggesting “even ” problems , advancing , by a deliberate “lightness” , a complaint . To use exactly (I’ve already written about the recent presence of his works , under the banner of the Mediterranean , last November , the Humanities Library dell’Incoronata , in Milan) , these ” deposits semantic [ ] with a detailed design methodology , thanks to joints well studied and refined combinations of colors , such alternations of clarity / opacity to build the stories , to tell stories : to excite us but also think / reflect . ” ” Finds ” even those , like these , centered on the theme of water precious and inalienable Water is also one of the main themes – and recognition – of our city , Milan, a theme around which gravitate necessarily also ‘ Expo next venture . The ships and not only water around and “inside.” ” From the water Marillina ‘ takes ‘ and returns : artifacts that together, then added together , as in a picture dell’Arcimboldo , make up a unified image . Disturbing , but perhaps happily sophisticated and, above all , Contemporary” (still from the presentation all’Incoronata ) .

Anti Pansera

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